Lecture 1 09.28.09

Lecture 1 09.28.09 - Psychology 100B Lecture 1 Experimental...

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09/28/09 Psychology 100B – Lecture 1 Experimental method Overview of all research methods used in psychology Terms needed to know Research Methods All research methods can be grouped into two main categories: Non-experimental (also known as descriptive because you are describing behaviour): First four are seen as asking What’s going on? We don’t know what is happening and our observations will help us see the variables involved and how they affect behaviour. 1. Observational - to see behaviour occurring naturally without outside influence by the researcher. This is the biggest concern in observational research – how do we conduct this research without affecting and altering the very thing we are trying to research. 2. Survey – want to know what people are thinking and feeling and how they will behave in a particular context by asking them. You have to frame the question in a way that does not bias people in a way that will alter their answer. You also want to be asking people who will affect the actual outcome you are trying to research. 3. Archival – whenever you are using data that was collected for some other reason than the research question being asked. 4. Case study – the hardest kind of research to define because it can involve multiple different research strategies. It is very focused on a particular case. It can be focused on understanding a single individual’s behaviour. 5. Correlational – This is also descriptive but it asks a slightly different question than “What is going on?”. It asks “ What goes with what? ”. We are asking if Variable A goes with Variable B. We want to see if they are
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Lecture 1 09.28.09 - Psychology 100B Lecture 1 Experimental...

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