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Caitlin Lovey CAS 202 Website Assignment Orange Journal: A Study of Theories of Style in Technical Communication. By Lily Sun This article talks about what technical theory is and how its communicators use it. Technical communication is a process communicators use to write up things such as proposals in a strict pre-established way. This process includes gathering, organizing, presenting, and refining information. This technique is often use in persuasion and propaganda. I chose this article because we use technical communication often when we write. Technical communication theorists have been arguing whether or not to this form of
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Unformatted text preview: communication should be defined as a process, field of study, or a technique. Some technical communications theories are Positivism, “Writing is Rhetoric”, and “Communication is Instructional”. These different theories give different views and different ways of how to use technical communications, which are all important, no one theory is absolutely right. Taking in consideration of different theories for a topic in communication helps us get more than one point of view on the subject matter....
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