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Lecture 12 - Psych 135 Lecture 12 Close Relationships What...

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Psych 135 – Lecture 12 Close Relationships What is a relationship? Interdependence : A state of mutual influence, i.e., when my behaviours affect your outcomes and your behaviours also affect my outcomes. o If you take this definition far enough, you can say that every human being is in a relationship with each other. Dimensions of Interdependence Frequency of contact – rank from 0 contact to daily contact. Duration of contact – longest relationship of people is usually siblings. Shorter relationships: best friend, spouse, barbers… rank by duration of contact Diversity of interactions – some relationships involve a great diversity of interactions. Other relationships like relationship with dentist which is just a narrow range of interactions: dentist. Direction of influence – that influence does not need to be equal in both directions. The professor is much more influential on us than we are on him when he is lecturing. Strength of influence – there are people in the world that you affect a great deal or people who affect not at all. What is a CLOSE relationship? “The close relationship is one of strong, frequent, and diverse interdependence that lasts over a considerable period of time.” – Kelley et al., 1983 What’s missing from this picture? Why? o direction of influence – has to be mutual. Kelley said that it does not have to be mutual. mentor/mentee, parent/child, best friends, siblings, family members, co-workers, What is an INTIMATE relationship? Family and friends are close, but not intimate. The unique erotic charge of intimate relationships – potential for sex. Limerance o Intrusive thoughts – you cannot help thinking about this other person o Longing for reciprocation – you want the other person to feel the same way about you o Possessiveness – you want to be the only person they feel this way about What is a SUCCESSFUL relationship? Relationship longevity
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Lecture 12 - Psych 135 Lecture 12 Close Relationships What...

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