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Review Session - 135 Social Psychology Section F inal...

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135: Social Psychology – Section Final Review The Tipping Point – what causes epidemics. Three characteristics of epidemics – epidemic is when a product or idea reaches its tipping point. The tipping point is when it spreads like wildfire. o They are contagious. They have to be spreading. o Little changes have big effects. The effect is much larger than you would expect from a small change. o Change happens much faster than you would expect. Who are connectors, mavens, and salesmen? – the people who are involved in spreading the idea o Connectors : someone who knows everybody. Not just knowing a lot of people but people from all these different circles. Knowing a diverse range of people. o Mavens : people who are experts on some area of content. They tend to be socially motivated to a certain degree: they like to share this information with other people and tell people about it. o Salesmen : these are the people who are doing the persuading. A key factor is that persuasion works in subtle ways and occurs non-verbally outside of consciousness. When we know we are being pushed we usually counteract it. Salesmen on the other hand, convince us that it is something that we actually want ourselves and not people who are trying to convince us to like something they like. o Can have someone who is all three. Or there can be a maven who shares it with a salesmen who convinces a few people and one of these people is a connector… etc. What makes an idea “stick”? – the content of the idea o The message has to be worth passing on. o The idea also has to be memorable. – not boring but not too incredibly “hot” o It has to be practical. o It has to be personally relevant. o The idea should be structured and presented in an attention grabbing way and packaged in a certain way. Sesame Street and Blues Clues Broken Windows theory – little changes have big effects o The mayor of NYC gave money to stop people from getting robbed on the subway. The director of transportation used this money to clean up the graffiti. They also made sure people paid their fares. They changed the subway from a place where anything goes and
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Review Session - 135 Social Psychology Section F inal...

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