Lecture 3 - 30.09.10

Lecture 3 - 30.09.10 - 30th September 2010 SEAS 1 Lecture 3...

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30 th September 2010 SEAS 1 – Lecture 3 The Era of European Colonialism The onset of “High Colonialism” – 1870-1914 (brief) How it was carried out : Combination of both force and treaties. They would show up with military force and have a show of force and then turn to the existing rulers and make them sign a treaty to formalize it. They wanted to put a veneer of legality on it. (Just like Africa). Sometimes they allowed them to keep their local rulers to place a façade that the Europeans were not fully in control. In other places, the king was overthrown because he did not want to cooperate. In other places, the Europeans created rulers to sign treaties with them. Why European colonialism? o The motivations : race for colonies. Tied hand in hand with the European drive for wealth and prestige. Fierce competition among European countries. o The justification : “Civilising mission.” They are taking on “the White man’s burden” to bring civilization to all these people. The logic of race : This concept of race is a convenient justification of their colonization of many countries in the world. There are peoples and races that are inferior to us so we give us the benefit of being able to become more like us. The concept of freedom does not apply to those who are not considered civilized enough to deserve equality. Social Darwinism : the best cultures are the ones that will rise to the top and spread and the lesser cultures will just die out. “survival of the fittest” transferred to the social world. This was one of the underpinnings for European colonialism. Impacts of European Colonialism Hardships for ordinary people : Average SE Asian peasant who lost their land either because they could no longer afford to pay taxes or their land was simply seized. Coerced labour on a wide range of trade related activities. Erosion of existing institution
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Lecture 3 - 30.09.10 - 30th September 2010 SEAS 1 Lecture 3...

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