Lecture 10 - 26.10.10

Lecture 10 - 26.10.10 - 26th October 2010 SEAS 1 Lecture 10...

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26 th October 2010 SEAS 1 – Lecture 10 Islam in Southeast Asia What is Islam? – Mohammed is seen as the conduit for god and it is a monotheistic religion at its core. Like Buddhism it has a textual basis and a single text that lies at the heart of the religion. The Koran : Mohammed was the transcriber of messages from God and what he expects from people who believe in him. It is relatively short. The Five Pillars of Islam : o Statement of faith : There is no god but the god Allah and Mohammed is the Prophet. Not only is there just one god but there is one single transmitter of the message of god. o The Canonical prayer : Muslims should pray five times a day at certain times to maintain this relationship with God. o Charity : Giving alms to the poor is an obligation of Muslims, 2.5% of what one owns a year must be given to the poor. o Observance of Ramadan : A period of fasting which commemorates the period in which Mohammed receives the messages from God. o Pilgrimage (Haj) : The idea that once in your lifetime you should make one pilgrimage to Mecca, where god gave Mohammed his last revelation. There are exceptions made for people who are not physically or economically capable of making this journey. Some Key Considerations about Islam Islam is Portable : You can easily bring it with you and travel great distances. There are no real churches and you don’t even need a prayer rug to pray and be a good Muslim. You can pray anywhere. Islam is a proselytizing faith : You need to spread its message and it spreads throughout the oceanic world of SEA. Islam is an Interconnected World Religion
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Lecture 10 - 26.10.10 - 26th October 2010 SEAS 1 Lecture 10...

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