Lecture 11 - 28.10.10.

Lecture 11 - 28.10.10. - 28th October 2010 SEAS 1 Lecture...

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28 th October 2010 SEAS 1 – Lecture 11 Religion in Southeast Asia (Concluding Lecture) Christianity in Southeast Asia Key Elements/Beliefs in Christianity : Central historical figure (Jesus of Nazareth). Like Buddhism and Islam there is a historical figure at the center of this religion. Unlike the other two, he is the incarnation of a deity. He is the god of the religion which forms around him. Christianity is monotheistic but in Christian belief you have a single deity (God) but there are three manifestations: God the father, God the son, and the Holy Spirit which is the force of God projected. The belief that Jesus is the incarnation of God coming down in human form. The resurrection: Jesus was crucified by the Romans and then rose from the dead. The Bible is the central text, which is different from the Koran because it is not the word of God but rather a book created by humans recording the historical period before Jesus’ birth and then what happens during his life as he spreads his word. It is more a historical text. The Divide between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism : In the 15 th C there is a split between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism. Catholicism is the more orthodox text based version of Christianity and Protestantism is a way to escape this religious practice and make it more accessible to the people. Roman Catholicism spreads in to SEA. There are sacraments that are critical to be accepted into Catholicism: baptism (cleansing of sins to be accepted into religious practice), confession (ongoing and to a priest). The European Missionary Movement to Southeast Asia (15 th C) : The expanding of European trade encourages the spread of Catholicism because missionaries hitch rides on trade ships. The Jesuits are the most successful. Limitations on Catholic expansion in Southeast Asia : This is the last world religion to show up in SEA. By the time they arrive, much of SEA has been converted to one world religion or other. On the one hand, Roman Catholicism can be taken with you but there is also no real pilgrimage like Islam. You can live and die in a single location and still be a good Catholic. However, unlike Buddhism and Islam, it requires a ritual expert to regularly carry out rituals. Baptism is easy but it is hard for all these people to come for
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Lecture 11 - 28.10.10. - 28th October 2010 SEAS 1 Lecture...

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