Lecture 14 - 09.11.10

Lecture 14 - 09.11.10 - 9th November 2010 SEAS 1 Lecture 14...

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9 th November 2010 SEAS 1 – Lecture 14 Contemporary Cinema in Southeast Asia Southeast Asian Cinema: An Overview : Importance, origins, and a brief chronology : film-watching came before film-making in SEA. Around 1910 there were screenings of British films in Burma. Film-making began in the 1920s and was dominated by Europeans, Americans and Chinese. They usually featured Europeans playing the roles of Southeast Asians. Around the 1930s, industry became well established throughout the region and films that dominated were still not SE Asian but Hollywood also came to SEA. Many films of the time were emulative of Western, especially Hollywood, styles of film. After colonial period, film- making was seen as having another purpose, especially to the Japanese of the region. Film became a vehicle for propaganda. In the early post-colonial period, SE Asian film- making began to nationalize. Cinema started to expand from Western and Chinese films to regional language films and smaller production companies with local producers, directors and stars (P. Ramlee). By the 1970s and 80s, with the exception of Cambodia, there was the increasing involvement of governments, as well as censorship. In Cambodia, the Khmer Rouge saw film-makers, directors and actors were killed because they were seen as threats to the KR. In other parts of SEA, there arose an intense competition with foreign films, television, VHS films, so there was a decline in film- making. In the 1990s to the present is the period of revival for the film scene in SEA. Outside influences on Southeast Asian filmmaking : Directors who had trained in European countries. Hollywood has been a long time major influence on SE Asian cinema. During the colonial era, the colonial overlords were suspicious of Hollywood. After the colonial era, Hollywood becomes a Mecca for local studios and directors,
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Lecture 14 - 09.11.10 - 9th November 2010 SEAS 1 Lecture 14...

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