Lecture 16 - 18.11.10

Lecture 16 - 18.11.10 - 18th November 2010 SEAS 1 Lecture...

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18 th November 2010 SEAS 1 – Lecture 16 Censorship, Human Rights and Restrictions on Political Freedoms in Southeast Asia Excerpt from “Burma VJ” Shooting because he doesn’t want the world to forget about Burma. They want to keep telling the truth about what happens within the country. He has to put the camera in a bag and can only shoot for a little while. Then the footage needs to be smuggled out of the country. There is so much fear that most people don’t talk in the videos because if the footage is seized, those caught talking on tape will be arrested along with the filmmaker. In 1988 there was a huge protest where the students led people in the streets but thousands were killed and Aung San Suu Kyi was put under house arrest. There was hope, but now it seems like all the hope is gone, along with anything from ’88. Introduction: Freedom House Rankings Rank countries based on political and civil liberties. Ranked from 1 – 7 with 1 being the first and US is the default setting for 1. Burma: 7, 7 (political, civil) Vietnam: 7, 6 Brunei/Cambodia: 6, 5 Malaysia: 4, 4 Thailand: 5, 4 Indonesia: 2, 3 (best) Look up how these countries are ranked Political Openness: Does it matter? Is the concept of “Human Rights” a universal one? : Is there a baseline that everyone should get or are human rights specific to countries/regions? Most people agree that there are certain fundamental things that people are entitled to. All member states of the UN are expected to protect articulated human rights. However, there is some belief that human rights are concocted by Western society and governments that cannot possibly be given to everyone. Many Asian countries believe that they can violate some human rights to retain control over their nation. They argue that human rights is cultural and is not natural. Western notions of human rights tend to emphasise individual human rights over the rights over the
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Lecture 16 - 18.11.10 - 18th November 2010 SEAS 1 Lecture...

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