Lecture 1 - 24.09.10

Lecture 1 - 24.09.10 - DESMA 10 Lecture 1 What is Design...

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24/09/10 DESMA 10 – Lecture 1 What is Design? What is Design Culture? Design understood in the widest possible sense… “Design is the conscious and intuitive effort to impose meaningful order.” – Viktor Papanek, 1971. o Creating order out of the chaos that surrounds us. “All men are designers. All that we do, almost all the time, is design, for design is basic to all human activity. The planning and patterning of any act toward a desired, foreseeable end constitutes the design process. Any attempt to separate design to make it a thing by itself, works counter to the fact that design is the primary underlying matrix of life.” – Viktor Papanek: Design for the Real World , 1971 Mexican home altars – a ‘naïve’ form of design? An example of that Viktor Papanek is trying to say about separating design. The design here has to do with putting all these objects together and sending a message to other with these objects, in relation to each other. Something about one’s ideas about religion, family, oneself, living in a certain culture and society. Maybe it displays a sort of pride about living there. This is a form of design, but it is not a form of professional design. It is designed for private viewing. Not necessarily very ‘stylish’ but it is touching because it symbolizes something an individual is passionate about. Bricolage These designs can be characterized as “bricolages”: compositions designed by combining pre-existing designs. They express their creator’s identity and worldview, consciously or unconsciously. For social anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss (1908-2009) bricolage represented the ‘logic of the concrete’: a ‘material’ way of forming and communicating meanings. It differs from abstract philosophical or scientific thought. Collective and Anonymous Bricolage Patching the ‘backside’ of culture, filling in the gaps of official institutional design… What kinds of meanings does this kind of bricolage communicate? The back of a traffic sign: anonymously posted by people and they send messages like: filling empty spaces, filling the backside of culture, remind people of something happening that isn’t covered by the state/government. African design objects made of appropriated scrap metal – mostly Western
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Lecture 1 - 24.09.10 - DESMA 10 Lecture 1 What is Design...

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