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Lecture 5 - 20.01.10

Lecture 5 - 20.01.10 - 20.01.10 H istory 10B Lectu re 5 It...

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20.01.10 History 10B – Lecture 5 “It is unlucky to do anything for the first time on the twenty-first day of the month” (Ni nuksi kufanya neno lako kwa mara ya awali siku ya mwezi ishrini na moja) Habari Gani? (What’s up? What’s new?) Nzuri (Good!) Habari za asabuhi? (How is your morning?) Nzuri sana (Great! Lit. very good) Christianity and missionaries in Africa European settlers and explorers: From South Africa’s Cape Colony to Dr. Livingston ? Missionaries, Proto-Colonial Education and the making of a New African Elite Gentleman of the Jungle – metaphor for the slow gradual process of how African hospitality led to the scramble for Africa Freetown, Sierra Leone The missionaries tried to make a “New African Elite” Some missionaries used this to try and fight the new occupation Church Missionary Society (CMS) est. a mission in Freetown, 1804. By 1834, Governor of Sierra Leone describes the colony as “a nation of 32,000 Black Christians” o Before the abolition of slavery but this is evidence of the anti-slavery campaign gaining momentum o Founded in 1799 by the Anglican Church and became the largest missionary in the world. o It spread the gospel abroad and started spreading from West Africa to the interior, playing a close collaborative role with the British who would spearhead the colonial occupation of the interior 1814 First European School established in Africa 1827 First Western College: Fourah Bay College o The premiere in higher education for Anglophones in West Africa. Examples of graduates: Samuel Ajayi Crowther and John Africanus Horton
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Christianity was not established by the missionaries but rather in the 4 th Century in the Aksumite kingdom. This was the kingdom that started the largest battle against the European invasion. Christianity began in Egypt and then Ethiopia. They followed a Coptic form of the religion.
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