Lecture 6 - 25.01.10

Lecture 6 - 25.01.10 - 25.01.10 History 10B Lecture 6...

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25.01.10 History 10B – Lecture 6 Conquest and Colonial Rules in Africa Midterm 1. Map quiz – place five things and a few obvious names of cities or regions. (20%) 2. Identifications – names of things, places, events and people. They should be written in full sentences. You have to choose 5/8. Three full sentences. Three fundamental things: significance (or something memorable), dates (have to be precise), location (cite the modern country where this is located). (40%) 3. Multiple choice (40%) Bring Blue book, No. 2 pencil. Lion population range between 16,500 and 47,000 living in the wild in 2002-2004 (down 30-50% in 20 years) The Scramble for Africa Imperial competition by European Powers played out in Africa: England and France Staking effective claim to an earlier empire: Portugal The fear of being left behind: Italy, Germany and Spain Private interests: King Leopold II of Belgium French West Africa French settled in Senegal (Port of St. Louis) since 1659 The Algerian factor: France’s first African Colony, 1830 French colonial rule: All about the military Algeria becomes a colonial training ground General Louis Faidherbe : Architect of colonial French Africa (1818-1889) o 1850s and 1860s to push and mark the colonial conquest of France Belgium o Congo Free State (King Leopold’s Congo), 1885-1908 British West Africa A trading empire located at the coast Missionary imperialism (CMS and the Niger Missions) Military conquest of inland empires: o 1870s… Anglo-Zulu war (SA) o 1874…1896, 1900-1, Anglo Asante (Ghana) o 1903, Sokoto Caliphate (Nigeria) West African Frontier Force ( Lord Frederick Lugard ), 1897 King’s Africa Rifles (East Africa) Lord Frederick Lugard (1858-1945) o Most influential figure in British Colonial History o Author of The Dual Mandate , that becomes the manual of colonial rule that establishes the concept of Indirect Rule or Colonial Rule on the cheap o Got the idea from the Sokoto Caliphate which had a set of emirates which were controlled by the head.
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Lecture 6 - 25.01.10 - 25.01.10 History 10B Lecture 6...

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