Lecture 8 - 03.02.10

Lecture 8 - 03.02.10 - 03.02.10 History 10B Lecture 8...

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03.02.10 History 10B – Lecture 8 Kenya’s Independence and the Thirty-Year Rule Syndrome “Don’t laugh at a distant boat being tossed in the waves. Your relatives might be in it” (Luhya, Kenya) “The fly who has no adviser will follow the corpse into the grave.” (Maasai, Kenya) “British Government invoking obscure legal principle to dismiss torture claims in colonial” http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/jan/25/kenya-colonial-torture-mau-mau 4 elders claim rape and torture during state of emergency 1952-1960 “law of state succession” “British government not “liable for acts and omissions of Kenyan colonial administration” Lecture Summary: Rise of Nationalism in Africa Paths to independence Decolonisation or liberation?: Atlantic Charter: Mau Mau Role of two World Wars; Missionary Education; Pan-Africanism; Labour Unions; Political parties, etc. Great Leaders; Great disappointments The Thirty-Year-Ruler Syndrome Kenya’s Path to Independence Kenya Country Profile Mau Mau Uprising o Was it a liberation movement? Role of labour unions, political parties Settlers’ opposition Jomo Kenyatta/Political Legacy Kenya’s Country Profile Roughly the size of Texas Bordered by 5 countries Higher point? – Mount Kenya(?) Population: 38 million o 42 ethnic groups Kiswahili and English official languages Agricultural Production: horticultural products, coffee, tea, maize, sisal, sugarcane, cotton, tobacco and dairy produce Famous Kenyans
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Lecture 8 - 03.02.10 - 03.02.10 History 10B Lecture 8...

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