Lecture 12 - 22.02.10

Lecture 12 - 22.02.10 - 22.02.10 History 10B Lecture 12 The...

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22.02.10 History 10B – Lecture 12 The Giant of Africa: Oil Leaks and the Predatory State A proverb is a horse which can carry swiftly to the discovery of ideas (Nigeria) Ruby Bell Gam: Africana History, Reference desk at YRL Collapse of Mengistu’s Ethiopia Changing climate of Cold War weakened Communist bloc support for Ethiopia, opened way politically for opponents; end of Cold War changed ground rules of regional diplomacy. Economic disaster, including 1984-5 and 1987 famines in northern Ethiopia, weakened state Combination of internal ethnically defined forces and Eritrean liberation movement gained success against Ethiopian army Ethiopian Famines, 1973, 1984-5, 1987 Most severe famine on record Political parallels to 1973 famine 8 million affected, over 1 million died. Eritrean Independence 1980s, Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF) Worked closely with other anti-Mangestu forces in Ethiopia: o Tigray People’s Liberation Front o Oromo Liberation Front 1991 Transition Government in Ethiopia 1993 Independence of Ertirea 1994 Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Addis Cradle of African Unity Capital of the African Union Headquarters of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa 45 Embassies from around the world African Union (formerly Organisation of African Unity) Charter established May 25 1963, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (21 independent African states) 53 Heads of State dissolve OAU and establish “The Constitutive Act” of the African Union
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Lecture 12 - 22.02.10 - 22.02.10 History 10B Lecture 12 The...

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