Lecture 15 - 03.03.10

Lecture 15 - 03.03.10 - 03.03.10 History 10B Lecture 15 The...

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Unformatted text preview: 03.03.10 History 10B Lecture 15 The Liberation of South Africa in Four-Part Ha rmony & Mandelas Legacy Four Nobel Peace P rize Winners Chief Albert Luthuli (d. 1967) Received 1960; President ANC 1950s-1960s o No true peace and progress can be secured in any country as long as there are others in that country denied full democratic r ights and duties Desmond Tutu (1933 - ) Received in 1984. 1978 became the first black General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches F. W. De Klerk (1936 -) Received in 1993. Former Min. of Ed. And then PM of SA; unbanned the ANC and freed Mandela. Nelson Mandela (1918 - ) Received in 1993. Building Apartheid in South Africa Roots in T reaty of Vereeniging ending South African War , 1899-1902 British win war, but promise not to enfranchise Africans before giving representative government to Boers. o To uphold the racism that was underlying the relationship between the Afrikaners and the locals whose land they took and exterminated. British assurances for the just predominance of the white race Making Native Policy Native Affairs Commission, 1903 developed new ideas for racial segregation Permanent territorial segregation by legislation Native Lands Act, 1913: 14% of land to Africans Segregated urban locations for Africans Native (Urban Areas) Act, 1923 South African Unification 1910, declaration of Union of South Africa No Africans represented South African Party wins power (Louis Botha and J. C. Smuts)wins power (Louis Botha and J....
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Lecture 15 - 03.03.10 - 03.03.10 History 10B Lecture 15 The...

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