Lecture 6 - 15.04.10

Lecture 6 - 15.04.10 - 15.04.10 Psych 130 Lectu re 6...

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15.04.10 Psych 130 – Lecture 6 Physical and Motor Development – Why should developmental psychologists be interested? Developmental psychologists are interested in the development of a person as a whole. Also, the size of person, motor development affects a lot of other aspects of a person. Physical Growth There is rapid height gain in the first year of life but that increase falls off in middle childhood. The rate of change slows down. Then there is a blip in height gain for girls and boys that occurs around puberty. Girls typically experience that earlier than boys do. This is a common occurrence where girls will show a phenotype expressed before boys do. o Psychological consequences of this change in height and girls experiencing this before boys do: Daughter held back a year before kindergarten and she really benefited from this and learned more than the other children in her first year. However, once she reached puberty it was much harder for her because not only was she going to develop earlier than the boys, but she entered puberty even earlier than all of the girls and suffered emotional consequences as a result of this. This was not a positive experience. A mere fact that she was experiencing physical growth that her peers were not experiencing resulted in psychological consequences. Psychological Correlates of Physical Development
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Lecture 6 - 15.04.10 - 15.04.10 Psych 130 Lectu re 6...

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