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Which has a greater influence on the presidency: elections, the mass public, interest groups, political parties or the media? In today’s governmental system, the 21 st century President has transformed into a figure that is not only very active with agenda forming and policy making, but whose aspirations and goals have expanded and accountabilities grown(Crenson 2007). While presidential power is growing, it is not fair to say that the President no longer has to answer or deal with the many influences and opinions the executive office is bombarded with. With power comes responsibility, and the president by no means Influencing the policy agenda has long been viewed as one of the most important sources of political Z power. For decades, scholars have maintained that the president has the most significant role in setting L the policymaking agenda in Washington, but little systematic empirical work has been done to measure the president's influence. " More recently, Baumgartner and Jones (1993, 241), in their broad examination of agenda setting,
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