Why is Golfsmith a good candidate for Internet sales

Why is Golfsmith a good candidate for Internet sales -...

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Why is Golfsmith a good candidate for Internet sales? Golfsmith is a good candidate for internet sales because first, they have a simple operation – provide customers with golf equipment. Golf equipment is standard and little customization is required and thus, the customer need not to be physically present to analyze it before purchase. Also, since operations currently are via mail-order, the transition will be simple. The basic foundation is there – just the right people need to be hired to implement it. Golfsmith already has a solid customer base and a positive reputation internationally within the industry and thus,
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Unformatted text preview: customers would be inclined to visit the website. Internet sales can only be successful if (1) the design of the website if simple and easy to navigate and (2) the patience of its customers and visitors. Since golf is known as a luxury sport that requires patience, customers are normally willing to wait several days for the purchase to arrive. However, since the production-line of Golfsmith is so efficient that a customers’ order could be ready to be shipped within hours of placing the order, this may not be a huge worrying factor....
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