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LashundraJones_MT302_Unit_6_Assignment - 1 Lashundra T...

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1 Lashundra T Jones MT302 Organizational Behavior Unit Six: Application 14.2 Stress and the Salesperson Date: April 4, 2010
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2 1. While most people experience some type of stress in their lives; Andrea is experiencing mental and physical distress. She is having a catatoxic reaction to the possible changes on her job. You can see the fight response in her aproach to things. She is refusing to go to a new territory, also in how she wants to rebel against the city sales manager. There is also a flight response in that she wants to quit or she threatens to quit. She is on the brink of having a nervous break down and is suffering physical sde effects such as her stomach aches. 2. The two causes of her distress is the threat to the Middle east oil and job security. The distress due to the shortage in oil cause for alarm with the companies that Andrea does business with; which leads to sells either slowing down or completely stopping. This causes her other distress of job security. That is a distress that many of us go through, the possibilty of having no income is
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LashundraJones_MT302_Unit_6_Assignment - 1 Lashundra T...

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