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Kristen Hernandez 0905515 Theater Big Love Big Love concentrates with the personas of three women, who out of desperation, come to Italy along with their 47 other sisters in order to escape the tyranny of their soon to be husbands. The theme revolves around the significance of love. Love, as portrayed in this play, surpasses everything. It is through the events of this play that these three characters each find a unique meaning of love to depict their lives. The three women, Thyona, Olympia, and Lydia, are each characterized with a different motive of finding love. Thyona is a bossy woman with feminist views. Her tough nature leads her to believe that true love is impossible to find. Olympia is optimistic about finding love. Her silly happy-go-lucky personality makes her easily persuaded by any boy. Lydia is the most level headed out of the three, not only is she looking for love, but also a deeper connection. Love represents a distinctive significance to each of the three women. Thyona, describing men as a “biological accident,” is not bound to love the same as her sisters. For Thyona, loving a man is unjust. At first Lydia too wishes to stray from men, saying “love has no conditions,” but later falls victim to love. For Olympia, the significance of love has a more vulnerable outlook. She wishes for men to treasure her and understand who she really is although falls for whichever boy is “nice” to her as she did when Giuliano offered his uncles place to live. Through their constraints, these women will fight and kill but eventually, through the notion of love, reunite as a sisterhood.
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thea play essay - Kristen Hernandez 0905515 Theater Big...

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