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© 2011 E. Szarmes PHYS 274 DAILY ASSIGNMENT 5 — DUE FRIDAY, JAN 28/11 PROF. SZARMES Q3B.2 A photon energy of 3.5 eV corresponds to where the fundamental constant hc = 1240 eV•nm. Thus, Q3B.4 If the light has a photon energy greater than the work function W then electrons will be ejected, but no electrons will be ejected if Ephoton < W. Thus, W corresponds to the
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Unformatted text preview: minimum required energy and (since Ephoton -1 ) the maximum required wavelength. So we set yielding E photon min = W = 4.24 eV = hc ! max ! max = hc W = 1240 eV nm 4.24 eV = 292 nm [ultraviolet] E = 3.5 eV = hc ! , ! = hc E = 1240 eV nm 3.5 eV = 354 nm [ultraviolet, not visible]...
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