L12-4up - Machine Language 1 6.004 – Fal 2010 Machine...

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Unformatted text preview: Machine Language 1 6.004 – Fal 2010 10/19/10 Machine Language, Assemblers, and Compilers When I find my code in tons of trouble, Friends and colleagues come to me, Speaking words of wisdom: "Write in C." Long, long, time ago, I can still remember how mnemonics used to make me smile... And I knew that with just the opcode names that I could play those BSim games and maybe hack some macros for a while. But 6.004 gave me shivers with every lecture they delivered. Bad news at the door step, I couldn’t read one more spec. I can’t remember if I tried to get Factorial optimized, But something touched my nerdish pride the day my Beta died. And I was singing… References: ! Documentation BSIM reference Notes on C Language Lab 4 due Thursday! Machine Language 2 6.004 – Fal 2010 10/19/10 Capability so far: Expression Evaluation Translation of an Expression: int x, y; y = (x-3)*(y+123456) x: long(0) y: long(0) c: long(123456) ... LD(x, r1) SUBC(r1,3,r1) LD(y, r2) LD(c, r3) ADD(r2,r3,r2) MUL(r2,r1,r1) ST(r1,y) • VARIABLES are allocated storage in main memory • VARIABLE references translate to LD or ST • OPERATORS translate to ALU instructions • SMALL CONSTANTS translate to ALU instructions w/ built-in constant • “LARGE” CONSTANTS translate to initialized variables NB: Here we assume that variable addresses fit into 16- bit constants! Machine Language 3 6.004 – Fal 2010 10/19/10 Can we run any algorithm? Needed: ability to change the PC. Beta ALU/LD/ST sequences: • Executes instructions sequentially – • Number of operations executed = number of instructions in our program! Good news: programs can’t “loop forever”! • Halting problem is solvable for our current Beta subset! Bad news: can’t compute Factorial: • Only supports bounded-time computations; • Can’t do a loop, e.g. for Factorial! NOT Universal! Machine Language 4 6.004 – Fal 2010 10/19/10 Beta Branch Instructions PC = PC + 4; Reg[RC] = PC; if (REG[RA] != 0) PC = PC + 4*offset; BNE(Ra,label,Rc) : Branch if not equal PC = PC + 4; Reg[RC] = PC; if (REG[RA] == 0) PC = PC + 4*offset; BEQ(Ra,label,Rc) : Branch if equal NB: “o ff set” is a SIGNED CONSTANT encoded as part of the instruction! OPCODE r c r a 16-bit signed constant The Beta’s branch instructions provide a way of conditionally changing the PC to point to some nearby location... ... and, optionally, remembering (in Rc) where we came from (useful for procedure calls). offset = (label - <addr of BNE/BEQ>)/4 – 1 = up to 32767 instructions before/after BNE/BEQ Machine Language 5 6.004 – Fal 2010 10/19/10 Now we can do Factorial... int n, ans; r1 = 1; r2 = n; while (r2 != 0) do { r1 = r1 * r2; r2 = r2 – 1 } ans = r1; Synopsis (in C): • Input in n, output in ans • r1, r2 used for temporaries • follows algorithm of our earlier data paths....
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L12-4up - Machine Language 1 6.004 – Fal 2010 Machine...

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