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6.004 Computation Structures - 1 - Lab #1 M A S S A C H U S E T T S I N S T I T U T E O F T E C H N O L O G Y DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER SCIENCE 6.004 Computation Structures Lab #1 General Information Lab assignments are due on Thursdays; check the on-line course calendar for the actual due date for each lab. Look at the on-line questions before you start to see what information you should collect while working on each lab. The on-line questions can be loaded from the “On-line Assignments” page accessible from the navigation sidebar on the course website (http://mit.edu/6.004). If you have difficulties, questions or suggestions with the on-line system please send email to 6004 [email protected] You can visit each on-line question page as many times as necessary to complete the assignment – you do not have to answer all the questions in a single session. Click on the “Save” button at the bottom of the question page to save your answers. You can then come back to the page later on and pick up where you left off. You can also check your answers at any time by clicking on the “Check” button. When the system detects that all your answers are correct (either because of a “Check” or “Save”), it will give you credit for completing the assignment. To receive credit for a lab, you’ll need to have a short lab checkoff meeting with a member of the course staff and answer some questions about your work. Just come by the lab after you’ve completed your check-in and talk with one of the on-duty staff. The meeting can happen after the due date of the lab but to receive full credit you must complete the meeting within one week of the lab due date . To avoid long waits choose a time other than Wed or Thu evenings. The lab gets crowded just before an assignment is due and some of the problems are probably too long to be done the night before the due date, so plan accordingly. There will be course staff in the lab during the late afternoon and evening; check the course website for this semester’s schedule. The 6.004 lab has Linux-Athena workstations that can be used to complete the homework assignments. The lab software is written in Java and should run on any Java Virtual Machine supporting JDK 1.3 or higher. The courseware can be run on any Sun or Linux Athena workstation. You can also download the courseware for your Linux or Windows machine at home – see the Courseware page at the 6.004 website. Introduction to JSim In this lab, we’ll be using a simulation program (JSim) to make some measurements of an N- channel mosfet (or “nfet” for short). JSim uses mathematical models of circuit elements to make predictions of how a circuit will behave both statically (DC analysis) and dynamically (transient analysis). The model for each circuit element is parameterized, e.g., the mosfet model includes parameters for the length and width of the mosfet as well as many parameters characterizing the physical aspects of the manufacturing process.
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