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M A S S A C H U S E T T S I N S T I T U T E O F T E C H N O L O G Y DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER SCIENCE 6.004 Computation Structures Fall 2010 Quiz #1: September 24, 2010 Name Athena login name Score TA: Caitlin, 26-322 WF 10 WF 11 TA: Quentin, 34-303 WF 11 WF 12 TA: : Sabrina, 34-304 WF 12 WF 1 TA: : Steve, 34-303 WF 1 WF 2 Problem 1 (6 points): Quickies and Trickies (A) Three randomly chosen bits are applied to the inputs of a 3-input NOR gate. I tell you that the output of the NOR gate is zero. How much information have I given you about the values applied to the inputs? Bits of info (number or formula): ____________________ (B) Let m be the number of integers less than zero that can be represented as a 32-bit twos complement integer, and let n be the number greater than zero that can be so represented. What is the value of m-n ? Write “Can’t” if you can’t tell. Give m-n or “Can’t”: ____________________ (C) What decimal integer is represented by the five-bit two’s complement number 11000? Decimal equivalent of two’s complement 11000: ____________________ (D) C is a combinational device implemented as an acyclic circuit constructed using several conventional two-input CMOS NAND gates. Is C lenient ? Circle one: YES CAN’T TELL NO (E) A single CMOS gate, consisting of an output node connected to a single pullup circuit containing PFETs and a single pulldown circuit containing NFETs (as described in lecture), computes F (A,B,C) . The truth table for F contains both 1s and 0s in its output column. Can you give the value of F(1,1,1) ? Give the output for F(1,1,1) or write “Can’t tell”: ________________
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