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Phang 1 Lamichell Phang English 101/Heinlein Narrative Essay #2 11 January 2011 Elementary school The first time I started school when I was 5 years old. My mom send me into top 10 schools in Indonesia. My school named BPK Penabur. It was so hard to get in it. I have to compete with other students and I need to pass all of the test that they gave ; for example like Math, English, IQ ,and EQ. I remember the day that I should take that test. My mom was waiting me outside the room test. In the test room it just me and a women who sat in front of me. She was an old lady wore a blue shirt with bird in her chest as a symbol of penabur school, a brown glasses with a golden chain in there. She had a black short hair like Dora. Suddenly she looked at me. She wanted to make me comfortable so I could do the test well. “Hi, lamichell nice to meet you.” She smile at me . “ Relax honey, I promise the test is not hard, Let’s start it!”. I tried my best to relax and no worried too much, I took a deep breath and exhale it. “Ok, so here we are, I have a lot pen here and pencil can you count how many pencil and pen that I have?” she said. She took pencils, pens, erasers, and rulers from a box. I started to count it. Then I answered it with a low voice because I was afraid that I had a wrong answer. I could feel that my heart was beating so fast, and my hands were sweating during the test. Finally after the test, she gave me a lollipop. Then I ran to my mom. The announcement day come, my mom and me came to the school and saw was any of my name there. My mom said “ Where is your name, honey?” I was so afraid that I disappointed my mom because I know it was kind of tough and I need a lot of luck to get in that school. I talked to my self “ Oh God please, I don’t want to make my parents sad, please help me, it’s ok if I don’t get a Christmas present from Santa Claus for this year.” Then I heard my mom
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yelled my name so loudly “Lamichell!! Yes! You got it honey! You accepted as a student in Penabur!” I could not say anything , I was really shock but happy. My mom hug me tightly and said “Congratulations, I’m so proud of you honey.” From that day, my life was change dramatically to worst. My school began at 6:30 a.m and finished at 2 p.m . My house was very far from school so I must wake up at 5 a.m from
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Education - Phang 1 Lamichell Phang English 101/Heinlein...

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