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Lamichell English 101/Heilein Assignment 1 11 Jan 2011 Grateful get happiness Have you ever think to be statisfied with something that you have? You always complaining what you have ,don’t you? I do the same thing with you. I always never feel statisfied in everything. I just want more and more, but now I’m not think like that anymore and tr to be grateful because of something event from school that I have join from that day I start to realize that I am very lucky. It was 3 years ago when I joined church event. The event is they invite us to go to some village in Jogjakarta for three-days which very far from the city and business. Actually I not really interested to join this event, but my mother who forced me to join this. It took seventeen hours to reach the village. When I arrived there, I
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Unformatted text preview: was so shock because all things were different. The first time I see were a lot of tree, I can feel the fresh air feel inside my lungs and the colour of the flower there is a red, pink and yellow everywhere is so beautiful. I have never seen this before in my city. After enjoying the scenes of the village , I was introduced to my host family there by the facilitator. My host family wearing the cloth that I think it was improper to use anymore because it was so dirty of the soil. They invite me to follow him to go to his house. I saw a small house that basicly made from woods the roof of this house is made by a lot of hay that I think if the rain come it will be leak....
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