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Lamichell Phang English101 Indian Education Homework Journal entry This story is about an Indiana boy who called Victor grew up in a reservation school. He telling the story by using his experience from he was in 1 st grade until 12 th grade. He spent his education life in sadness, and hard way because from the first time he start school he was bullied by his friends and punished by his teacher. He doesn’t respect by other people because he is an Indian. Until he met his teacher who change his mind and make him a brave person. In the end he finish his high school in a good ending but not all of his friends has it.The “ Postscript Class Reunion” section tell reader about that the first and seven grade of his education in the reservation school was the worst time that he ever had.
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Unformatted text preview: He did not seem to get along very well with his friends in Reservation High School, which is supported by the phrase in paragraph number 4 in the article that says the little warrior in me roared to life that day and knocked Frenchy to the ground. He was bullied and beaten by higher grade students, and he was despised and punished by his teacher because of his race. He comparing that he also like fighting with his friends who in 8 th to 12 th grade but friends from 1 st to 7 th are not close like he is with his 8 th to 12 th grade friends. He said that he dont have to make a reservation high school reunion because he and his graduating classmate always meet each other every once a week at the Powwow tavern ....
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