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MKJ - Lamichell Phang English 101/Heilien T Essay Argument...

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Lamichell Phang English 101/Heilien T Essay Argument 17 February 2011 Two Narration The “Letter from Birmingham Jail” by Martin Luther King is a very famous document. The letter is one of the most important parts of black culture because it tries to help white people better understand black history. King has an important role in this letter because he was fighting for equal justice for Black people in America. He dared to oppose the discrimination of black people, and was jailed for eight days. He believed in non-violent protest tried to protest even without violence. He wanted people to understand what he felt. Because of this letter African-American’s began their walk toward equal rights with white people. King uses narration in his letter to influence and persuade the readers. The narration is key for helping the readers understand what he felt. In paragraph 14 page 595 he made a list of injustices. His emotional conflict vividly describes images to the reader that he had no other way to convey. The part that touched me profoundly was when he said that his daughter asked, “Why can’t I go to public amusement park? Is it because I’m colored?” It hurts him deeply having to tell his daughter “Yes” watching her cry. Reading this you can understand how the little girl must have felt realizing the truth that she
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was the one of black people. It’s not her fault she was borne
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