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Lamichell Phang English 101/Heinlein Narrative Essay #1 / Self Evaluation 11 January 2011 The main struggles in this paper are it was difficult to find the main idea and thesis, grammatical usage, and decreased wordiness and awkwardness sentences. To resolve those problems, I went to the loft and asked for help. The tutors were helpful. They gave me some ideas and example. It was really help me to develop my ideas. The significant revision that I made to my essay as I worked on my final draft are ;I change some of my ideas, I put more ideas as if when I remembered I was bitten by a dog on that day. I was more focus on grammar things because we need to make those
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Unformatted text preview: sentences mostly into past tense and also punctuation. Moreover, I have a lot of awkwardness sentence because in this paper we have to write details. I also wrote many words that actually is not needed or understood by the reader. I choose to do the revision because I thought my essay is had lots of grammar mistake and wordiness. I feel my first essay-which was three pages- It was really hard for me, however I could make it. I learned to focus on grammar and do brain storming if I don’t have ideas. Furthermore, I will go to tutor if I need help, so I always in the right track....
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