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SCM/SOS 394—Business & Sustainability 1 Fall Semester 2010 Quick Reference To access course materials Got to Blackboard at For IT related issues and problems accessing website Send email to [email protected] For questions related to online participation and grading Send email to [email protected] For questions related to course content Post question on Blackboard at Course Description There is growing recognition of the impact that businesses and consumer products have on the sustainability of earth and human systems. Market and government forces are causing businesses to make their operations and supply chains and products have less impact on the environment and have a more positive impact on the communities that they interact with. This is the first of two related courses. Business & Sustainability 1 provides a general overview of sustainability topics that are important to business today, while Business & Sustainability 2 goes into more depth on a few topics, including social entrepreneurship. The focus of this course is on consumer products and services and the organizations that make and provide them. The course is organized into three major sections: The interaction of business and sustainability Sustainability measurement Sustainable products Learning Objectives The learning objectives for this course were derived from a study of “green jobs” that I did in the Summer of 2009, and involved analysis of job descriptions from want-ads of sustainability positions in companies, interviews with sustainability executives, and a large-scale survey of mid-level and high-level managers. The results of the study will be discussed in the module “Organizing for Sustainability”. 1
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In this course student will learn to: 1. Define key terms related to environmental and social sustainability. 2. Describe how business impacts the physical environment. 3. Describe how business impacts the social world. 4. Construct a business case for sustainability-related activities, using one or more appropriate persuasion approaches. 5. Identify strategies for organizing for sustainability. 6. Identify strategies for managing change towards more sustainable practices. 7. Identify appropriate sustainability metrics for an organization. 8. Describe the basic concepts associated with Green House Gases 9. Calculate the carbon footprint of a facility or organization. 10. Calculate the carbon footprint of a product. 11. Specify the basic steps involved in life cycle analysis. 12. Describe aspects of the market for sustainability products. 13. Describe the purpose of and types of ecolabels. 14. Identify strategies for improving product sustainability. 15. Identify strategies for moving towards sustainable supply chains.
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Syllabus - SCM/SOS 394Business Sustainability 1 Fall...

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