Qualitative Analysis (Week 2) Post-Lab

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Q# Question Text 3) In order for us to identify which unknown sample you analyzed, you will need to enter your laboratory room number, locker series and locker number. These numbers are the hyphenated numbers embossed on your locker. Please enter your room number, locker series, and locker number which is the hyphenated number embossed on your locker. For example, if the hyphenated number reads, 2051-6-24, your room number is 2051, your locker series is 6, and your locker number is 24. If the hyphenated number is 1059-4-1, your room number is 1059, your locker series is 4, and your locker number is 1. Your Answer: 1051 No Points Possible Your Answer: 1 No Points Possible Your Answer: 6 No Points Possible 4) Each unknown mixture contains 5 metal constituents. Select the 5 metal ions that you have identified as being present in your mixture. Please double check your selections before you hit the submit button. Your Answer: a. Ca
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Unformatted text preview: No Points Possible Your Answer: b. Co No Points Possible Your Answer: c. Cr No Points Possible Your Answer: e. K No Points Possible Your Answer: f. Mn No Points Possible 5) We will now determine the points scored based on the five choices you entered for the metals in your unknown mixture. Your Score: 4 out of 5 points 6) Concluding Remarks : Briefly discuss interpretations of your observations and results. Include in your discussion, any conclusions drawn from the results and any sources of error in the experiment. (2 pts) Your Answer: In this experiment we used systematic methods to identify the cationic constituents of an unknown mixture. my lab partner and I were able to correctly identify 4 out of 5 of the cations in our mixture. The main source of error I can think of would be that we weren't able to properly identify when a reaction took place or not. Text Answers to be Scored by your TA...
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