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1 GENE EXPRESSION: Decoding Genetic Information Making proteins from information encoded in DNA Day #5 Smartsite quizzes • Smartsite is not very “smart”, nor very user friendly – – But it’s free at UCD, while other (much better!) homework systems are not free ($40 per student for the one I like best) • Not all quiz questions involve ‘recall’ (information), and not all are directly answered in the reading – Some questions are higher level of Bloom’s – Sometimes the questions are meant to make you think ‘beyond’ or ‘outside’ of the context of the reading – Sometimes the questions simply are meant to get you thinking, so that when the explanation is presented later, you’ll notice it • I’ll post some extra ‘review’ quizzes so that you can regain lost points – Each question on smartsite is deliberately “cheap” (0.5 pts) so try not to get worked up about always choosing the correct answer – focus more on using the questions as an opportunity to learn How is DNA replication related to transcription? • A. Replication usually occurs at the same time as transcription. • B. Replication and transcription are synonymous. • C. Both use the base-pairing rules to make a new strand of nucleic acid. • D. Both use the same enzymes and other proteins, and are controlled by the same DNA sequences. Fill out the table DNA Replication Purpose: Enzymes: Frequency: Transcription Purpose: Enzymes: Frequency: Replications vs Transcription DNA Replication Purpose: Copy the DNA before cell division Enzymes: DNA polymerase, Helicase, Primase, Ligase (others) Frequency: Once in life of cell Transcription Purpose: Make proteins and RNAs
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Lect5_expression - Smartsite quizzes GENE EXPRESSION:...

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