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1 Errors are Inevitable: The causes and consequences of errors in the DNA Day #6 Bis098 – Addnl 1 unit discussion • Pass/Fail based on attendance • Led by a former Bis2A student • Reviews key concepts and ideas • Students report that these additional discussion sections are very helpful • Space is limited! Signup sheets are on the wall opposite my office door • CRN on signup sheet – last day to add is Fri! • Begins meeting THIS Friday 5’ G T C A A A A A T G G C T A G C T A G A 3’ 3’C A G T T T T T A C C G A T C G A T C T 5’ mRNA 5’ GU•CAA•AAA•UGG•CUA•GCU•AGA 3’ polypeptide G ln–Lys –Trp–Leu–A la –Arg Is the promoter located to the left or to the right of the gene as written? A. To the left B. To the Right A piece of DNA (called a plasmid) containing the gene for human growth hormone is introduced into a bacterium. Which growth hormone protein will be produced in the bacterial cell? A. A bacterial growth hormone protein. B. A human growth hormone protein. C. A hybrid protein that’s part human and part bacterial. The production of a human protein in a bacterium can occur because: A. Humans and bacteria use exactly the same codons to specify each amino acid. B. Humans and bacteria both use almost the same codons to specify amino acids. C. Humans and bacteria use different codons, but there is enough similarity that the protein made by bacteria still works. Where does translation begin on the mRNA? A. Where ever there is an AUG in the mRNA B. At a ribozyme within the Ribosome C. At a section of DNA called the promoter D. At a particular AUG in the mRNA
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2 • There can be many AUG (start) sequences within an mRNA. •T rue •Fa l se How does the ribosome locate the correct start codon? A. It is oriented by the promoter B. A particular base sequence within the mRNA attracts proteins that identify the correct AUG (bacteria) C. Any AUG can be the start codon Initiation of Translation • If an organism routinely makes an abnormal protein, the error that led to this abnormality most likely originated • A. During replication of the corresponding gene. • B. During transcription of the corresponding gene into RNA. • C. During translation of the mRNA into protein. Point Mutations • Inherited errors caused by a change in one base are called “point mutations” • Such errors can have several causes … • In a group, come up with 3 causes of errors in DNA 1. Bases can pair incorrectly A new nucleotide may pair up incorrectly with the base exposed on the template DNA strand.
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Lect6_Errors - Bis098 Addnl 1 unit discussion Errors are...

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