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Day8_redundancy Quiz - Question 1 of 10 0.5/ 0.5 Points

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Question 1 of 10 0.5/ 0.5 Points A population of self-replicating molecules, such as those described by Dawkins  in “The Selfish Gene”, can evolve. In such a population of self-replicating  molecules, some forms of the molecule are more stable, and therefore persist  longer. Other forms of the molecule are more quickly replicated, or are  replicated more accurately. The population of self-replicating molecules might  consist of hundreds or thousands of individual molecules. Which statement best  describes these molecules? A. The molecules share all of the same characteristics and are identical to each other. B. The molecues share all of the essential characteristics of for self-replication; the minor variations they display don't affect survival. C. The molecules are all identical in terms of their atoms, but have many differences in appearance. D. The molecules share many essential characteristics, but also vary in many features. Answer Key: D Question 2 of 10 0.5/ 0.5 Points Fitness is a term often used by biologists to explain the evolutionary success of  certain organisms. Which feature would a biologist consider to be most  important in determining which molecules were the "most fit"? A. large size and great stability
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Day8_redundancy Quiz - Question 1 of 10 0.5/ 0.5 Points

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