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Reading3_Nurture - Is DNA destiny The Nature vs Nurture...

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Is DNA destiny? The Nature vs. Nurture debate You are arguing the NURTURE Viewpoint in your paper! Write a short essay (less than 500 words) summarizing your thoughts prior to the reading, and your answers to the guiding questions. Before you start, be sure to write down your answers to the following questions: What do you think determines your likes, dislikes and personality? Is it your DNA (nature) or your environment (nurture)? What evidence leads you to your conclusion? What sort of study could you conduct to test this question? After you’ve answered the questions listed above, read and view the following resources, and use them to answer the additional questions provided below. Required Reading / Viewing Reading at Nova website -- http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/genome/debate.html Watch the video. Watch at least the 13 minute version on twins and epigenetics. The full version of the program (hit the link on the bottom right of the page, “watch the complete episode”) and the NOVA program “Ghost in your Genes” (see Unit1_Links) are well
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