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Name ____________________________________ ID__________________________ Key to Multi-format page / Takehome. Exam 1, Bis2A / Gerhart / Fall 2010 TAs grade this page for their sections All answers should be no more than 2-3 sentences (50 words) in length! Question 1. A researcher identifies a bacterium in which many proteins function sub- optimally …. (refer to your original exam for the rest of the question text) (2 pts) If the tRNA corresponding to UGA brought in tryptophan, then the ribosome would continue adding amino acids –starting with tryptophan at the codon UGA instead of ending the amino acid chain there. The ribosome would continue to add amino acids until another (functioning) stop codon was encountered. Thus many proteins would be longer than expected in the cell with this mutation, and these proteins would likely function poorly (suboptimally) because they would contain extra amino acids that might affect protein shape . (None of the other choices would support the contention that UGA now codes for tryptophan). Question 2. Pseudogenes accumulate more rapidly than do genes that are expressed …. (2 pts)
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Key_takehome1 - Name _ ID_ Key to Multi-format page /...

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