DLM01 - Physics 7A DLM 01 DL M 1 ( Di s c u ss ion / Lab M...

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Unformatted text preview: Physics 7A DLM 01 DL M 1 ( Di s c u ss ion / Lab M ee ting #1 ) Ov e rvi e w Con ce pt Group s (C G) and DL A c tiviti e s (A C T) C G 1 . 1 Qualitativ e Appli c ation of Som e Mod e l s A c t-1 . 1 . 1 G e tting Start e d with Making S e n s e of Th e rmal Ph e nom e na (45 min) Learning Outcomes: x Awareness of the strangeness of the thermal behavior of the heatpack x Review and/or familiarization of the Three-Phase Model of Matter and especially its graphical representation x Deeper understanding of the special nature of the temperature at which a phase change occurs x Introductor \ XQGHUVWDQGLQJ RI WKH FRQVWUXFWV LQWHUYDO LQLWLDO DQG ILQDO VWDWH DQG VWDWH SURSHUWLHV A c t-1 . 1 . 2 Analyzing a H e at pa c k U s ing th e Three Phase Model of Pure Substances (45 min) x Awareness of the usefulness of using a specific model to constrain a phenomenon and what it means to make sense of a phenomenon in terms of a model x Practice identifying salient features of a particular phenomenon and associating them with specific constructs in the model x $ZDUHQHVV WKDW D VSHFLILF SKHQRPHQRQ PLJKW QRW EHKDYH DFFRUGLQJ WR D JLYHQ PRGHO DQG GRHVQW make sense in terms of the model (as developed to this point) x Gaining more experience using the relationships of a model to make sense of a specific phenomenon A c t-1 . 1 . 3 Thinking in terms of both the Three Phase Model and th e Energy- Interaction Model (40 min) x Initial familiarity and practice drawing energy-system diagrams x Practice using the Energy-Interaction Model and particularly its representation in energy-system diagrams to analyze aspects of phenomena that are not easy to make sense of Text Reading Assignment (before DLM02) a) Read pages 1-25 of Chapter 1 in the text, College Physics: A Models Approach-Part 1 . b) Read and make sense of the first two model summaries on the blue foldout sheets at the back of the text. You will be referring to these frequently in DL and as you work on the out-of-class assignments WKH )RU QH[W WLPHV (FNTs)....
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DLM01 - Physics 7A DLM 01 DL M 1 ( Di s c u ss ion / Lab M...

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