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Laboratory #4: Instrument Characteristics February 12, 2009 Name of person writing report, Lab partners if names known This student’s lab report came out to be about 5 pages, mostly due to tables and diagrams. Circuit diagrams should be COPIED & PASTED from pdf manual. Do not attempt to make them in Pspice yourself (points will be deducted if variable names are missing), do not draw them in by hand. Caption figures so that you can refer to them in your procedure, analysis, etc. Number tables, or give them a relevant, descriptive caption like “Data for finding the Internal Resistance of Voltmeter”. Objective: About 1-2 paragraphs, what did you set out to do in this lab (there were 4 objectives). Equipment: * will be listed in lab manual 1.) DC Power Supply, TENMA, 72-7245 2.) True RMS Digital Multimeter, Meterman, BDM40 3.) Resistor Decade Box (2), High Power, Clarostat, 240C Procedure: In order to determine the internal resistance of the digital ammeter, … [Explain what you did in this part of the lab, and why you proceeded to do so] (1)
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examplelab4 - Laboratory #4: Instrument Characteristics...

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