Session 8 - Abortion Laws

Session 8 - Abortion Laws - How do proponents and opponents...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Session 8 - Abortion Wars Survey research clearly shows that pro-lifers are in the minority. How have they been so successful in promoting their agenda ? Cults are more religous than churches, and so the group that is on the outside is more passionate - enough to stand up to mo d What can sociology contribute to the debate that revolves around moral issues concerning when human life begins? Religeon, popular opinion, and stare decisis. What the people inevitably believe should be the most influential factor involved
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Unformatted text preview: . How do proponents and opponents of abortion rights use word choice to support their views? Consider the difference betwee n Well, life is somethign everyone is taught to preserve as a child. Against personal freedom is something that appeals to every o Read the Thinking Critically section in the text on page 159, and discuss how language and societal scripts influence womenG s Women are more succeptable to emotion-linked pleas, and so the wording of 'killing a child' appeals more severly to them tha n...
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