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317Exam3-F09 - Examination#3 Sonoma State University Dr...

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Unformatted text preview: Examination #3 Sonoma State University Dr. Cuellar Economics 317- Introduction to Econometrics Fall 2009 Answer all questions completely. Absolutely no colluding with classmates on the examination . You can use any and all animate and inanimate resources available except for fellow Econ.317 classmates. Any answers deemed suspiciously similar will be given a zero. Your typed answers are due no later than Friday, December 18 at 5pm. You can either drop the examinations off at the Business School office or email them to me. Late examinations will not be accepted. In their 1994 paper, Hammermesh and Biddle (AER 1994) examined the relationship between looks and earnings. Use the data set HammermeshBiddle.dta, to answer the following questions. (a) Estimate the following earnings equation. Show your regression results. wage = ß 0 + ß 1 Experience + ß 2 Experience 2 + ß 3 Education + ß 4 Looks + ß 5 Female + U (b) Interpret your coefficients and test for overall significance as well as individual significance of the...
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