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EXAMPLE OF CASE BRIEF - CARDINAL CONSULTING CO. v. CIRCO RESORTS, INC. , 297 NW 2d 260 (Minn. 1980) Parties : Plaintiff: Cardinal was a Minnesota corporation with two principals, O = Neill and Haas, formed to promote travel tours from the Midwest to Las Vegas on airplanes chartered by Cardinal for that purpose. The company would book hotel rooms in Las Vegas at a discount rate and would send one group to Las Vegas by plane while returning from Las Vegas with another group. Defendant: Circo was a Nevada corporation which operated the Las Vegas Hotel, Circus Circus. Procedural History : Cardinal brought a lawsuit in Minnesota against Circo. Cardinal claimed that Circo had breached a contract between the parties. The parties had jury trial in Minnesota and the jury found in favor of Cardinal and against Circo for $71,500, all of which except $1,905. was for lost profits, not actual expenses paid out by Cardinal. Circo moved the trial judge to set aside the jury = s award, or to have a new trial, or to elinate the lost profits from the award as too speculative. The trial judge denied Circo = s motions. Circo brought this appeal to the Supreme Court of Minnesota, which affirmed the trial court = s judgment. Facts : The alleged contract was that Circo would reserve 50 hotel rooms in Hotel Circus Circus for Cardinal at an agreed price of $18. per night, later reduced to $16. per night on weeknights. The reservations would be for a period from January 11, 1976, through April 22, 1976. The parties made this verbal agreement in June, 1975, and Cardinal confirmed the deal in writing by a letter on June 18, 1975. In early October, 1975, Valentine, the representative of Circo, met again with O
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case%20brief%20example%20-cardinal%20v.%20circo - EXAMPLE...

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