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Undergraduate Catalog 2010-2011 School of Hospitality and Tourism Management 555 School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
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556 School of Hospitality and Tourism Management Undergraduate Catalog 2010-2011 School of Hospitality and Tourism Management Joan S. Remington, Interim Dean and Director, Career Development; Director, Institute for Hospitality and Tourism Education and Research, Instructor Rocco M. Angelo, Associate Dean and Professor Mohammed A. Qureshi, Assistant Dean for Administration and Facilities Patrick J. Cassidy, Instructor M. Nancy Del Risco, Lecturer Sandro Formica, Associate Professor Barry Gump, Visiting Professor Gerald W. Lattin, Professor Emeritus Twila-Mae Logan, Assistant Professor Steven V. Moll, Associate Professor Michael J. Moran, Instructor William J. Morgan, Jr., Professor Emeritus Diann R. Newman, Director of Student Services Nestor Portocarrero, Professor Roger Probst, Instructor J. Kevin Robson, Associate Professor Donald G. Rosellini, Lecturer Nancy Scanlon, Associate Professor Pablo Simon, Visiting Assistant Professor Eunju Suh, Assistant Professor David M. Talty, Instructor Mary L. Tanke, Associate Professor John H. Thomas, Assistant Professor Joseph J. West, Professor Jinlin Zhao, Associate Professor and Director, Graduate Programs The School of Hospitality and Tourism Management offers Bachelor and Master degrees in Hospitality Management and Certificate Programs that combine practical experience with classroom theory to assist the student to gain the understanding, skills, and techniques needed to qualify for job opportunities, and to achieve his or her career goals in the hospitality/tourism industry. With the cooperation of industry executives, the School has created an internship program which literally utilizes the hotels, resorts, restaurants, clubs, airlines, travel agencies, and cruise lines as practice labs for students. The advanced phase of the internship program provides each student a structured training experience normally not available to a student until he or she has entered the industry after graduation. An Industry Advisory Board - which includes outstanding executives in the lodging, foodservice, and tourism industries - works regularly with the faculty, staff, and students of the School to formulate and update a curriculum that is current, flexible, and related to the needs of the hospitality and tourism industries. The School was designated a Program of Distinction by the former Florida Board of Education. Note: The programs, policies, requirements, and regulations listed in this catalog are continually subject to review, in order to serve the needs of the University’s various publics, and to respond to the mandates of the FIU Board of Trustees. Changes may be made without advance notice. Please refer to the General Information section for the University’s policies, requirements, and egulations. r L ocations The School is located on 200 tropical acres in a resort-like setting at the scenic Biscayne Bay Campus at Biscayne
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Undergraduate_Handbook_2010-2011 - Undergraduate Catalog...

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