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Exopolitics Journal 3:3 (June 2010). ISSN 1938-1719 www.exopoliticsjournal.com Alex Collier, 198 The Andromedans & Mentoring Humanity Alex Collier Earth Transformation: Super-Healing, New Science, Consciousness & Contact Conference, January 9, 2010 Abstract Alex Collier discusses his most recent contact experiences with the Andromedans, and how they are helping mentor humanity in the transition to a galactic society. According to the Andromedans, open contact with extraterrestriasls requires great discernment. Not all extraterrestrials have our best interest at heart according to what has been revealed to Alex. The Andromedans warn that some groups will bare gifts and then ask for something that we could not possibly give. And turn on us… For 2 thousand years religions have believed in the Book of Revelations. And the universe is going to oblige us by playing it out. Except it's not about being saved, it’s about self-responsibility, voluntary introspection and spiritual evolvement. Transcribed by Richard Tretowski
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Exopolitics Journal 3:3 (June 2010). ISSN 1938-1719 www.exopoliticsjournal.com Alex Collier, 199 Hi ladies and gentleman, thank you so much for attending this presentation. I want to thank Dr. Salla, Angelika [Whitecliff] and all the staff of this incredible conference. This is remarkable, my wife and I are thrilled to be here we love the islands and it's a great escape from the mainland. What I don't want to do today is go into a lot of background, there is more than enough information out there. I thought if you just type in my name some things will come up, both pro and con, and I would just encourage you to research it and make up your own mind. What I want to do though is, I want to just get right into it, I’m traditionally a very slow starter in a talk and I want to avoid that. The bulk of the talk will be about mentorship. I want to spend about 15 to 20 minutes just kind of bringing you up to speed with things that are going on in the world. Obviously I’m going to assume you're all paying attention to what's going on. The world politically is changing dramatically. We are moving towards a fascist world government. Individual liberties and rights are disappearing all the time. In fact here in the United States the only reason we have a Bill of Rights is because of the Second Amendment - because they haven't figured out how to get the guns. The Constitution is essentially gone; they’re doing whatever they want, whenever they want regardless of the boundaries and the chains that the Constitution limited them to. We have a world financial crisis, all these things are done as a matter of control and essentially what we have is, we have had a global government for some time actually, but now they’re just becoming more and more overt about it because they feel so confident that they have everybody exactly where they want them. The next couple of years are just going to be absolutely amazing, its going to seem like 50 years all
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vol-3-3-Collier - Exopolitics Journal 3:3 (June 2010). ISSN...

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