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BOOK SUMMARY © 2008 Donald A. Phin - 1 - The Way of the Superior Man A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work and Sexual Desire By David Deida Anytime someone recommends a book to me, I read it. I’ve done that for close to thirty years now. Every so often one of those books will make a big difference in my life. This is one of those books. The Way of the Superior Man is like a slap upside the head. It is a wake up call. It is about reclaiming the masculine while embracing the feminine. We find ourselves in a world today where men are men and women are women. We grow numb in our relationships, running for our lives and losing the blessings of our polarities. This book is a reminder of the duality. Of the ying and yang. Of the black and white. Of opposing forces. Of what makes the world go ‘round. What follows are some of the quotes, wisdom, insights, reminders and strategies I gained from this reading: 1. “Most postponements are an excuse for a lack of discipline.” 2. Spend at least an hour each day giving your fullest gift so that you’ll live a life without regret. 3. Assume your woman is how she is today forever. Don’t fight it. Embrace it. Don’t try to understand it and don’t try to escape it. Find the humor in it. 4. “Man who have lived significant lives are men who never waited: not for money, security, ease, or women.” 5. “Live with an open heart, even if it hurts.” 6. “Live as if your father was dead.” – I know that for myself and so many others, at a deep emotional level our challenge is to do better than our fathers. I did that the day I graduated from college. But it did not make me a “better man.” We cannot live our life constrained by the judgment of our fathers or others—whether dead or alive. 7. If you’re absolutely fearless, would you be earning a living in exactly the same way as you are now? 8. Meditate, contemplate or pray daily so you are present and steeped in the Source. 9. “If you postpone the process of submerging yourself in the Source for the sake of taking care of business first, your life will be spent in the hours and days of business and then it will be gone.” 10. Never change your mind just to please a woman.” “You are open to listening to others, but in the end, you will take the responsibility for making your own decision. There is nobody else to blame. 11. “Your mission is your priority.” 12. “Time you spend with your woman should be time you really want to be with her more than anything else.”
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13. Give it all. No holding back. Use everything you’ve got. 14. Invite and enjoy your friends’ criticism. 15. “The father force is the force of loving, challenge and guidance.” 16. “If you don’t know your purpose, discover it, now.” I would say my purpose in life is to: teach, love, learn, play, dance, laugh, explore, give grace, feel good. 17.
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DP-WaySupMan - BOOK SUMMARY The Way of the Superior Man A...

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