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OCTOBER 2009 endurancemag.com OFF ROAD ISSUE EXPLORE YOUR TRUE NATURE THE ART OF STAYING UPRIGHT A NEW LOOK AT CYCLOCROSS Through Mud-Colored Glasses INSPIRATION Woman Wins Back Her Health by Letting Go of Fear & Doubt
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“We all suffer from this zoo human syndrome that disconnects us from our true nature, from the strong, healthy, happy and free humans we were meant to be” says Le Corre. A look at the rising rates of obesity and Type II diabetes are obvious indicators of this plight, but it’s not just limited to sedentary people, he explains. Even elite athletes suffer from this condition he says pointing to repetitive use injuries like shoulder problems with swimmers, lower back pain with cyclists, and bad knees and shin splints with runners. Le Corre believes it’s all a consequence of our unique condition of living in what Desmond Morris originally termed, The Human Zoo. With recent statistics citing that one in five Americans will suffer from severe depression at some point in their life, and more and more psychol- ogists recognizing “nature deficit disorder” in people who suffer from depression, it would appear that Le Corre is right -- we do need to get back to nature, or in his words, “Explore Our True Nature”. One look at the YouTube video of Le Corre reveals exactly what he means by “true nature” and it’s a far cry from running trails in your favorite trails shoes. In the video, Le Corre, barefoot and wearing only a pair of shorts, runs on a trail, jumps from boulder to boulder, lifts logs the size of trees, climbs trees, picks up and throws huge rocks, free dives in the ocean, pushes trees while swimming, and clings to rocks while gigantic waves crash over him. Obviously, Le Corre doesn’t advocate “trying this at home” but the video strikes poignantly at his point that we’ve lost our ability to move the way our ancestors did. The video, titled “The Workout the World Forgot”,
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endurance_magazine - OCTOBER 2009 endurancemag.com OFF ROAD...

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