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Unformatted text preview: B4 U TXT HER TEXT GAME MASTERY Hey there, my name is Race. I have a question for you… What’s the absolutely most efficient way to go from meeting a woman, to getting her into your bedroom? Since the name of this report is Text Game Mastery, you probably already know that the answer to that question has to do with text messaging. And over the next few pages, I’m going to show you exactly how powerful it can be… how proper use of text messaging can take you FAR beyond even what most guys use it for… and how you can have the most abundant dating life ever if you get this one skill handled. Big claims, for sure. And since I know that I can back them up, I want to explain exactly how you can have this power for yourself. Get ready for Text Game Mastery. YOUR NEW REALITY Imagine it’s a Friday night. You’re out with some friends, and over the course of the few hours you’re out, you get five numbers. Is it because you’ve got the best game in the world? Not at all… in fact, you’re in and out of the conversations in five to ten minutes. You’re welcome to stick around as long as you want, but there’s absolutely no need. As long as you get a number, you’re good. (and you’re not worried about bringing someone home, because you’ve already got someone waiting for you – but more on that later) I’ll go one step further – you don’t even need to have them get your phone number in return, or make a memorable impression. Of course, that won’t hurt your chances. www.textgamemastery.com B4 U TXT HER TEXT GAME MASTERY But if your game isn’t exactly at the level where every girl you meet wants to sleep with you within five minutes of meeting you, well, no problem. Because you know that with nothing more than a number, you can get a date. There’s no question in your mind – all you need is that number. So whether you get that number after five minutes of awkward conversation, or five hours of deep rapport… …whether you get it from a drunk 21 year old at a bar, or a classy 30 ­something at a gala… …whether she gives it to you with total excitement or enthusiasm, or complete reluctance… …you don’t care. You know that that number is as good as a date. Even better? You know that she’s going to be so excited to go on that date with you that you’ll definitely be trading kisses, and probably quite a bit more. Once you have that number, you know that you can work such magic with your cell phone that flakes will be a long ­distant thing of the past, and that 4 ­5 numbers a night means 4 ­5 dates a week. And once you get into multiple relationships, it gets even better than that. You can literally manage a rotation of 10 ­20 women with nothing more than an unlimited text messaging plan (and, may I suggest, a full qwerty keyboard on your cell phone?) But more on that shortly. For now, all you need to know is that what I just explained to you is my reality. And it’s about the easiest thing in the world to do. I’ve taught this stuff to friends in a manner of hours, and ounce ­of ­effort for ounce ­of ­effort, there’s simply nothing more powerful. So how exactly does it work? Well, I’ll explain in a second. But there’s something you need to know about me… www.textgamemastery.com B4 U TXT HER TEXT GAME MASTERY I REALLY DISLIKE PICKUP I don't know about you, but I don't like pickup. AT ALL. Erm, allow me to clarify. I don’t like spending all night cold approaching woman after woman in an attempt to get a new one to go home with me. The idea of spending two to four hours in a bar, hoping that a.) I might meet a girl who’s attractive and interesting enough to bring into my life and b.) that she’s going to be down for fun times in private quarters later that evening... well, it’s just not appealing to me. Not that I haven’t tried. I can usually do it if I make it the sole point of my evening. It’s just that, in my experience, it’s a LOT of work for a very uncertain result. And this might be a good point to remind you that yes, I do quite like women I like them so much, in fact, that I don’t want to spend my time dealing with the b.s. that you have to overcome to sleep with a woman in a cold pickup scenario. Constantly managing your energy levels, overcoming her (often, very well ­placed) objections to moving too fast, dealing with friends and competition… man, it’s just not my cup of tea. I don’t want to hate on pickup. Some guys do absolutely love it and do it really well. My friend and colleague Nick Sparks, for example, is GREAT at it. And yes, every now and then, it’s fun to go out, get crazy, and party the night away. Even better when you can meet some women and get them involved in it. But when my night’s over, I want to know that there’s going to be a hot girl in my bed. And I just can’t count on pickup to make that happen. Why? Well, straight up, pickup is horribly inefficient. Think about it… when you’re counting on standard pickup tools and techniques, you have to work really hard to build attraction and a connection in the WORST possible environment. She’s out with friends, drinking and dancing, loud music, getting hit on by other guys… the whole thing stacks the odds against you. A million pieces of stimulus – and you’re just one. Keeping her engaged for the 3 ­4 hours it takes to get her into your bed is no small task. www.textgamemastery.com B4 U TXT HER TEXT GAME MASTERY I think of it this way – and sorry if this seems negative, but to me, it’s just realistic – it’s like, when I’m out at a bar, I have NO CONTROL over the situation. Think about how many times you’ve been talking to a woman and all of a sudden her friends come and pull her away. Or maybe some guy comes along and tries to tool you. Or heck, maybe the DJ drops the hot new Jay Sean song and all of a sudden, she’s scampering out to the dance floor. Ok, ok… not all women are ADD little puppies, but in my own (extensive) experience, pickup with the intent of taking a girl home is an uphill battle, and it’s also going to disqualify a lot of otherwise awesome, quality girls who just won’t sleep with a guy the night they meet him. I actually really support those girls and their selectivity – gotta love high standards. The point is that if you want to make the most of your time as a single guy, and sleep with a lot of women, it’s NOT about spending four hours talking to one girl who you just met, with the hope that you might be able to extract her from the club. I also don’t want one little bit of irony to be lost on you. How many times have you been out at a bar and seen a girl buried in her cell phone? Heck – even when they’re out supposedly being social, women often find their cell phones (and the people on the other end of a fun text conversation) to be more engaging than the bar or nightclub they’re at. And the final thing that turned me off of traditional “pickup”? Truth be told – 99% of the time, guys end up going home alone anyway. So the choice is yours… work on one girl all night, or work five or so and walk away knowing that next week’s dates are already in the bag. Seriously. So many guy spend time working on skills and techniques that are not the most efficient use of their time. It’s the old 80/20 rule: it doesn't take a lot of effort to get women to sleep with you if you're putting in the effort where it counts. Of course, this begs the question: where do you put the work in? www.textgamemastery.com B4 U TXT HER TEXT GAME MASTERY WELCOME TO TEXT GAME MASTERY I already mentioned how much I love women, right? Well, I’ve been blessed to have a LOT of them in my life. You may actually know me from a book I wrote called Window Shopping For Women. It was the first ever book about how to meet women on myspace and facebook  ­ and it changed a lot of lives. I routinely get facebook messages from guys about it… and while I’m working on a bigger and better version of the material, I’m thrilled to continue to see the old book helping so many guys out. www.textgamemastery.com B4 U TXT HER TEXT GAME MASTERY Now let me ask you  ­ are you starting to see a picture emerging? Facebook, myspace, text messaging… Keyboards are my very, very good friends Just about every woman in my life, I have a keyboard to thank for. That’s because I find that keyboards, and the ways that they let me communicate with women, are by far the most effective channels to run my “game”. Allow me to explain. There are any number of ways where women connect with men... • at work • at social events like the bar, parties, etc. • online • on phone calls • over text So you have to ask yourself  ­ what’s the EASIEST channel to use to build attraction and connection and get a woman out with you? And what gives you the most CONTROL over your own responses? Since we’re talking about text messaging, you can probably guess that in my experience, I found that  ­ if used properly  ­ text messaging CRUSHES all the others. Think about it  ­ she's ALWAYS got her phone with her. And she can give as much or as little attention to it as she needs when a new message comes in. You can't say that about the bar or in face ­to ­face interactions where it's not just you and her. Anywhere where there are distractions works against you. (remember that little principle). Yep, text messaging is just by far the most effective channel by which to make women smile, laugh and daydream about meeting up with you. The best part? While all this is happening, well, you’re not even in her physical presence. You're out meeting other women, or enjoying dinner with business associates, or playing Halo ODS, or whatever else you like to do. So while you’re in the middle of a nice glass of wheat beer (hint: try Allagash White) with your buddies, all she’s thinking is that if you're this much fun when it's over text, well… she better make it out to see you in person. www.textgamemastery.com B4 U TXT HER It’s not just that she’s having fun, either… this level of text mastery is going to build intense curiosity. The kind that makes leaves her all sort of unanswered questions about this new guy in her life… like “where did you come from?” TEXT GAME MASTERY (I love it when I get asked that question) And if you’re really good, you can often skip the date and get her to come straight to your place for some wine and a movie. Depending on where you are in your path with women, this may sound like one of those “too good to be true” things. Well I'm not going to lie  ­ not EVERY woman is going to come over to your house. But in my experience, about 70% of them will – especially if they feel a level of comfort and trust that you build over the text relationship. But text messaging isn’t just for arranging first dates. That’s only about 30% of what I use it for. Allow me to pull the curtain back a little further on the wonderful world in which yours truly lives. DATING MULTIPLE WOMEN Maybe it's just where I am in life… I like choice. That's not to say that I won't get married one day, or that I don't want a girlfriend if I find someone who absolutely, completely knocks my socks off… But for now, I'm just having too much fun. I regularly date 4 ­6 women at a time in whatever city I’m living in. And if I ever visit Montreal… or San Diego… or London… or my home town of Albuquerque… I’ve got a bed to sleep in. (and yes, there will be a very cute girl in that bed). www.textgamemastery.com B4 U TXT HER TEXT GAME MASTERY This didn’t happen overnight, but it was entirely a result of my text game and facebook skills. The thing is, when you've got an overwhelming surplus of options in your life, you need a way to manage them all. So once again, we get back to the most effective way to communicate with women. If you only want to see someone two nights a month, but you want to keep them in your life, you need a way to communicate with them from time to time in a way that keeps them happy to have you in their life, and maintains the interest. Talking on the phone is a one ­on ­one interaction (my friend Kelly likes to call it a time vampire), so its basically a non ­starter for me. Just too many people to keep in touch with. Which brings us back to text messaging to keep these relationships alive. In fact, in the last few years, I've been traveling back and forth between Las Vegas and New York frequently to work with clients, and sometimes I'll spend 2 months in one of the cities… but I always know that when I go back there are going to be women for me to see. This is all entirely possible when you know how to text message properly. So, uhhhh…. how do you text properly? www.textgamemastery.com B4 U TXT HER TEXT GAME MASTERY EASY PEASY, NICE AND BREEZY Think about this  ­ if a woman has given you her number, chances are she's given it to a few other guys too. No offense, of course... it's not that you're not a special snowflake. It's just that she's opening herself up with the hopes of finding an awesome guy in her life, and that's something that is gonna take her some time to find. So if she gave you her phone number, you can be pretty sure that... • there are already one or two guys who she's at least casually dating • there are three to five other guys who she's given her number to recently Let's take a quick journey into the phone book of a desirable women. You're literally in a competition with every other guy who wants to get together with her too. She's getting phone calls and text messages from them too. She's getting texts from some guys who are totally lame, others who offend her, and others who actually make her laugh. And let's not forget the ex boyfriend who can't leave her alone! Bottom line – if she’s single and dating, you’d better stand out, soldier. What about those border cases? The girl with the boyfriend, for example? Or how about the girls who give their number out once every 6 months? Well it's even MORE important that you stand out in those situations. Because you're either competing with a long ­standing relationship, or she's got really high expectations for you. In any case, it's absolutely, completely critical that you stand out. What is it about YOUR text messaging that is going to make YOU be the one who she responds to above all the others? What's going to get her to hope that it's YOUR message coming through when her phone is vibrating? www.textgamemastery.com B4 U TXT HER TEXT GAME MASTERY It's that question that drove me to create my system for text messaging. That's the secret  ­ doing something that no other guy is doing so that she can't slot you into the "every other guy" category. Let me give you an example: How do most guys try to get a girl on a date with them? Well, after a little bit of text flirting, there's usually a lot of back and forth to set details, logistics, all that. And it's usually VERY boring unless YOU make it fun. But how do you make it fun? Well here's how I do it when it comes to setting a time... most people think in 15 min increments. Instead, when you are giving her a time to meet, make it an odd time like 7:03 or 9:47. This is a great way to make her laugh and set you apart. Example #1 Monday, Dec 22 2008 at 10:37:48 AM Race: I am thinking 9:03 tonight Monday, Dec 22 2008 at 10:39:02 AM Lola: Why not 902? Where? Monday, Dec 22 2008 at 10:40:12 AM Race: That would be waaaay too early! I don’t want you to be waiting around all night! At exchange bar Monday, Dec 22 2008 at 10:45:52 AM Lola: To think one min earlier what was i thinking. So whos going? www.textgamemastery.com B4 U TXT HER TEXT GAME MASTERY Example #2 Lisa thumb wrestle8/14/08 9:57 PM Lisa: Will do! Think u can give me an approx. time? It will help me plan my escape…. Me8/14/08 11:36 PM Race: 9:07 Lisa thumb wrestle8/14/08 11:49 PM Lisa: Hmmm….9:07 doesn’t work 4 me. How about 9:10? : ­p Me8/14/08 11:56 PM Race: That’s waaaay to late…the party will b over by then Lisa thumb wrestle8/15/08 12:02 AM Lisa: Wow…the elusive 3 min. party. Fine….I can meet u @ 9:08 & 22 sec. but not a moment sooner. Do you see how a VERY simple adjustment to the wording of your text can make all the difference in the world to the outcome? She's having so much fun talking with you  ­ even about setting the time of the date  ­ that you already have all sorts of inside jokes and a history of interactions that make her smile by the time you meet up. The key here is to be: a.) fun and light ­hearted b.) to always be driving towards the next time I see her again And that's the basic premise of my whole system for texting. It's remarkably simple once you get it, because it relies on the same set of principals throughout the entire text interaction. Of course, the devil is in the details. The difference between a message that's fun and light hearted, and one that's cheesy, offensive, or over the line... well, that's where I've spent a lot of time understanding the nuances and making sure that I could explain them. This is especially important when you're sexually escalating over text messaging. Wait, you can escalate over text message? Haha, of course... once you start to get good at this stuff, you can have a girl primed for a sexual encounter before you've even seen her. Let me give you another example using a technique I developed called The Dirtiest Dream Technique. It goes a little something like this: www.textgamemastery.com B4 U TXT HER TEXT GAME MASTERY Tuesday, Dec 23 2008 at 5:49:20 PM Race: I had the dirtiest dream about you last night… Note: You can add the OMG at the beginning and a (!) at the end to soften it if you are messaging a girl who you haven’t build too solid of a connection with. This shows you are surprised you had a dirty dream about her. You can also add BTW to make it more nonchalant like it’s no big deal. Tuesday, Dec 23 2008 at 5:51:20 PM Julie: Really?…do tell… Tuesday, Dec 23 2008 at 5:53:14 PM Race: Well we were in the woods and it had been raining so we are both soaking wet when you fell in the mud and we began to mud wrestle…it was SO dirty! Tuesday, Dec 23 2008 at 6:09:21 PM Julie: Haha you are a dork to the core. You might want to take a shower after that one One of the beauties of this technique is that by referencing a dream you now become free of responsibility. After all you can’t control your dreams. For that very reason it makes women even more curious! If you are in the so called “friend zone” with a girl you like this can be the spark that begins her thinking of you in a sexual way. Another fantastic feature of this technique is you lead her into thinking sexual then you release it by using the literal meaning of “dirty”. She isn’t expecting this and it makes her laugh. But now when you take her back into the sexual state she will be more relaxed and receptive allowing her to get more aroused and invest more! Tuesday, Dec 23 2008 at 6:12:38 PM Race: Did I mention how after I pinned you down mud wrestling I picked you up and pushed you against a tree and slowly began to slide my hand up your ribs under your clinging shirt? Tuesday, Dec 23 2008 at 6:16:57 PM Julie: Well damn…so you feel like going hiking or camping any time soon? Tuesday, Dec 23 2008 at 6:20:13 PM Race: I haven’t even told you how as I gently lifted your shirt over your head I stopped pinning your arms up and passionately kissed you using your shirt as an umbrella for us…I’m telling you this dream was DIRTY! Tuesday, Dec 23 2008 at 6:25:54 PM Julie: How is it that you just perfectly mixed being aggressive with being amazingly passionate and adorable…thats definitely a dream that should come true… www.textgamemastery.com B4 U TXT HER TEXT GAME MASTERY Wednesday, Dec 24 2008 at 2:11:21 AM Julie: So i’m about to go to sleep finally and i keep thinking about the dream you had lol. Hopefully my dreams are that good…it would definitely be a better night if you were actually here though i must say. G’night peter pan! As you can see this is a simple yet powerful technique you can use right away to move the conversation in a sexual direction. Women will not be able to look at you the same way. Oftentimes they will continue to bring it up over and over. And FYI  ­ this is a girl I met on facebook and hadn't even connected with yet face to face because I was out of the city. Our first date, well... you can probably guess how it went. Are you starting to get a sense for how powerful it can be to have complete mastery over text messaging? With literally nothing more than your cell phone, you can have a girl so excited to see you  ­ and even sleep with you  ­ that the all of the hard work is done before you've even seen her again. And are you starting to get a sense for how efficient this is? That's the thing I really want you to take away from this report. Getting good at texting means that you can literally skip past all of the bs... all of the games... all of the standard courtship processes... and get on to the good times. B4 U TXT HER Over the past few years, I've developed an entire system around text messaging. It's taken me a long, long time to get it perfected... to leave no stone unturned, to make sure that I handled every little thing that could come up. And you know why? Because honestly, I was sick of my friends always handing me their phones and begging me to take over the text interaction between them and the girl they were interested in at the moment! (In fact, some of my friends owe me for the current relationships they are in…I wonder what their girl friends would do if they knew it was me that convinced them to come over for their first date lol) So it started off as a few emails I sent to my buddies... stuff like  ­ how to get her number QUICKLY but effectively (a big part of my system)  ­ how to craft the perfect first message so that she's excited to respond www.textgamemastery.com B4 U TXT HER TEXT GAME MASTERY  ­ how to ensure that she doesn't flake with a few "day of" text messages  ­ my "text to sex" techniques ... and so on. And soon, as these emails collected, I realized that I needed to put a full system together. Because I kept getting messages from my buddies like "what about this situation?" or "what should I say here?" So I wanted to create something that would get them from start to finish. And I'm proud to say that it works. Devastatingly so, might I add. I think you're starting to get a taste of the power here, but honestly, we've just started to scratch the surface. I made a select number of "beta" copies of this program available when Christian recently launched Unbreakable as a special deal to guys who picked up that program... and the feedback has been incredible. In fact, I’ve gone back and refined it even further. And I'm getting ready to share it with a new group of guys, very soon. We're not quite ready to do a wide ­scale launch just yet. This one is ONLY for guys who read The Social Man stuff. We're going to select a small number of guys for this release, create a private forum for them, and help them get their text game on lockdown. I want to make sure that this little community is SO good that THEY could go out and teach text messaging to all of their friends and blow them away with the results they're getting. So look  ­ regardless of whether or not you are one of the guys who is able to get a copy of B4 U TXT HER when it comes out shortly, I want to thank you for reading through this. As you can probably tell, I really love text messaging, and if you can master this stuff (and I know you can), it will change your dating life dramatically and completely amplify the number of girls who you're able to take from "hello" to the bedroom. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this too. Tell me what works for you in text messaging, what doesn't and what your questions are. I've counseled so many clients, friends, and even other dating coaches to get dates and more using text messaging, so there's no question too big and no problem too small to solve. I truly want to know where you're stuck and where you could still use some help. Thanks so much, once again, and look for more from me very soon! Race de Priest www.textgamemastery.com ...
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