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Activity 2 - members of the group to each take on the role...

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Garland Jones LEI 3724 Activity: Hangman Source: Submitted by Patricia Wilcox of Friend of the Arc on January 16, 2009 Equipment Needed: Chalkboard, dry erase board, chalk, dry erase markers Activity Description: 1. Choose a word from a chosen hangman theme such as personal care items, survival signs or food items. 2. Write the blank spaces and draw the hangman sign. Ask each person to choose a letter. 3. Play Hangman!!!! 4. Once they have identified the word, ask them what they would use it for, how they would sign it, how they would wear, etc. *This Game can be played using many different themes as well. These themes can include such words revolving around Christmas, holidays, movies, song and etc. Leadership Considerations: *Two or more groups can participate in Hangman. Allowing
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Unformatted text preview: members of the group to each take on the role, as the leader of the group, will assist in the building of confidence/ self esteem. *Hangman will assist in letter recognition, heath and safety awareness, and also social skills. Note: If participants are unable to verbally say the letter, have them choose from flashcards or a pre made alphabet sheet. What safety measure, if any, can be used for this game? An alternative to drawing a hanging man in the game is to draw an apple tree, if you’re dealing with patients that are violent or potentially could become violent. Rename the game apple tree and draw a tree with ten apples or however many apples are needed to complete the word....
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