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Candy Shop Rodney - they finally make it to the candy shop...

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Rodney McKinney Candy Shop By: Jan Wahl “Candy shop” is the story of a young boy named Daniel who pretends to be a cowboy and he incorporates everything into being a cowboy. Chores for Daniel are a must and finally his hard work has paid off when his aunt Thelma promises Daniel a trip to his favorite place, the candy store. So Daniel has saved enough money to buy his favorite candies and a few extra things. While traveling to the candy store Daniel and Aunt Thelma have an adventure, they go to the Bon Ton store where Aunt Thelma buys a hat and an umbrella. Then they pass by the market and Daniel buys two apples for himself and Aunt Thelma. They stop by the barbershop to get Daniel a hair cut and then
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Unformatted text preview: they finally make it to the candy shop which is owned by Miz Chu who is from Taiwan. But when they arrive to the candy shop they notice a crowd standing outside of the shop. The crowd was gawking at some racial or rude comment that was written on the concrete outside of the shop. Aunt Thelma and Daniel help Miz Chu by clearing the crowd outside of the shop and cleaning up the comment written on the sidewalk. The talked to Miz Chu and made her feel better. When Daniel got the candy that he wanted and tried to pay for it Miz Chu told him that she didn’t want his shiny quarters and Aunt Thelma offers some of her sweet potato pie to Miz Chu and they happily leave and go home....
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