Chapter 5 Motor Behavior

Chapter 5 Motor Behavior - Garland D Jones Kinesiology Dr W...

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Garland D. Jones Kinesiology October 20, 2006 Dr. W. Fordham Chapter 5: Motor Behavior Chapter Terms: Information Processing (IP): human beings are actively engaged with their environment as designated processors of all of the information that is so generated. Motor Behavior: the learning process in which you study how to develop movement skills. Motor Control: has focused on constructing models and theories that can account for how motor skills are controlled and executed seemingly on demand. Motor Learning: the ability to learn skills and the variables that affect the learning of skills. Motor Skill: is the ability to execute movement in an optimal fashion. Motor Skill Acquisition: the gaining of skills from birth through adolescence and the degrading of motor skills through the aging population. Movement Time (MT): the actual time that the subject takes from beginning of movement to the end of movement. Practice: A way to improve performance and skill. Reaction Time (RT): the lapse time between the start of some stimulus (a signal or perhaps alight going on) and the point the subject initiates movement. Response Time: comprises of our reaction time (RT) and our movement time (MT). Chapter Competencies:
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1. Motor behavior as related to the field of kinesiology is highly related to the broken terms “motor” defined as producing or giving motion and behavior which is defined as the outcome of a persons actions of the way in which a person performs a certain act or task. As it relates to the subject it is mostly commonly related when speaking of the development of infants into adolescents because the development of motor skills are exceptionally important in those stages of life. 2.
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Chapter 5 Motor Behavior - Garland D Jones Kinesiology Dr W...

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