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Client Assessment 1-25-2011

Client Assessment 1-25-2011 - Client Assessment...

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Client Assessment 1-25-2011 Recreational Therapy Assessment Interview Three purposes for the RT interview Gain information from the client & observe the client Develop a therapeutic relationship, develop rapport Orientation to the RT programs that are available Elements of a successful interview 1.) Underlying purpose of the recreational therapy interview 2.) Preliminary research 3.) Request to conduct the interview 4.) Interview strategy 5.) Ice breakers 6.) Business interview 7.) Rapport 8.) Sensitivity 9.) Recovery 10.) Closure Interview Techniques Open-ended questions Hypothetical questions Reflecting or “Mirroring” Focusing Giving Broad Openings Offering general leads Exploring Verbalizing the implied Encouraging evaluation Effective Interviewing Techniques 1.) Offering general lead Whar brought you here? What do you hope to get out of the treatment program? 2.) Restating It sounds like you are saying… 3.) Reflecting (invite client to add more) What does it mean when that happens?
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